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We are a group of people from the Sikh community who started an organization where our goal is to help others in the community. The name of our organization, "Degh Tegh" means to serve food to the community and protect the rights of everyone in the community. Which is why we are making a humanitarian effort to give food and aid those in need.

We plan on executing our goals by helping in various different ways such as:

  • Providing hot and cold meals to those that are in need

  • Giving Non-Perishable items such as clothing to all in need

  • Making an environment for which the Sikh community and it's youth give back to the community

  • Guide the youth of the Sikh community and create opportunities where we can work together

  • Learn and follow the principles of Sikhism and Seva



Locations where we provide help include:

  • Tent City Family Network

  • Tacoma Rescue Mission

  • Ray of Hope Shelter Auburn

  • Beacon Center Boys Shelter Tacoma

  • Adam's Family Shelter Tacoma

  • Eloise's Cooking Pot Food Bank Tacoma


We are always looking for new locations to order to expand our reach. Especially, locations in South King County and North Pierce County.

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