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Sign-Up for Langar Seva

As a part of Degh Tegh Community kitchen, you can sign up to do langar seva meaning prepare the langar and take it to the shelters and homeless camps to feed the less-fortunate people their. This is a very important and fundamental part of the Degh Tegh Community Kitchen.


Birthday Fundraiser

You can organize a birthday volunteering project for your or one of your family members birthdays. This is a great opportunity to do seva on a your birthday and also recruit your friends to come and help out. This is a great way to give back and have fun at the same time


Another very important part of Degh Tegh is volunteering to do seva and helping out with anything that is needed. This could mean help prepare the food, help hand out the food at the shelters, help create goody bags for the kids and you can also join some of the teams such as the technology team, photography team, blogging team and many others.


Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsoring a langar is also a huge way to help. This is a tremendous way to help and give back to the community

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