Our Seva


Langar Seva


Langar among Sikhs is the food that is served regardless of caste or religion as a sign of equality.For langar seva we serve food to the less fortunate every Saturday on a weekly basis.This helps our volunteers stay connected to Sikhism and spread the word of sikhi.

Humanitarian Seva


As a gesture of humanitarian seva, we along with the food also equip the needy with clothing that includes things such as socks, hats, and other essential needs that the people may need. Most of all, we want to help the less fortunate as much as we can and take care of their needs

Crisis Relief Seva


Here at the Degh Tegh Community Kitchen we also have the ability to help with those impacted by natural disasters. We can do this with the access to our custom-built food truck and the help of our adult volunteers. We also are on the verge of expanding our resources to help with any crisis relief seva.